Introductory Coaching Call
30 minutes Free

Spend 30 minutes with Richard to clarify your strategy and if coaching is right for your career

Free (one time)
$50 each additional 30 minutes

Coaching Program
Package A :
The Tweak Package

Total Credits: 5*
Time allotted to use credits: 8 months

*Less $50 credit from introductory coaching session if additional 30 minutes is required. For Results... see below

Coaching Credits
Package B:
The Boost Package

Total Credits: 10*
Time allotted to use credits: 12 months

Payable in 2 installments. For Results... see below

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* Each Credit equals 1 hour of coaching
* Clients may move up to next package at any time.

It takes two things to be successful with a one-on-one coaching program:
1. An uninterrupted period of time with weekly or monthly phone calls.
2. A dedication and commitment to the coaching/consulting process.  The clients, who have shown this, have exceeded the results of all others.

Here Are The Results To Be Expected:
During your time with Richard, coaching topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Get clear on your positioning in the market.  Work on your story and develop topics of interest that will make you attractive to meeting planners.
  • Become more focused on the value that you offer and learn how to talk about it and market it successfully.
  • Develop target markets that will be fruitful.
  • Produce marketing materials that get you booked! (May include website, video, print).
  • Develop a strategy for rolling out to your target market and consistently stay top of mind.
  • Learn how to get noticed (and booked) by speakers bureaus.
  • Increase your confidence around your fees and negotiating.

Prerequisite for either of the coaching packages:

  • 30 minute introductory coaching session (lay of the land)  

My promise:

  • To provide you with results by giving direction and helping you see what can be.
  • Give you truth about your career, marketing material, and possibility of success in the speaker world.
  • Not to waste your time or money
  • Being a great speaker is not just marketing material, it takes an understanding about the science of speaking and you will get this understanding
  • This process is about you, and I will hold you responsible for the work but will be with you the whole way