11 August 2020


Chawanvit Panprasert
全球官网电子游戏 Programme Officer;

2020年8月11日星期二, the 全球官网电子游戏-QA Secretariat held an orientation and conducted a mock assessment for 全球官网电子游戏-QA Assessors who will be a part of the first batch of assessors who will be performing online/remote site visits as part of the 全球官网电子游戏-QA Programme Assessment.

The orientation familiarized 全球官网电子游戏-QA Assessors with the core concepts and procedure of the online/remote site visit. 他们也熟悉必要的技术、设备和管理. 其中包括如何有效使用Zoom的说明, 如何排除他们可能遇到的任何问题, as well as etiquettes.

A mock assessment was also conducted to walk the 全球官网电子游戏-QA Assessors through the entire process and familiarize them with the procedures. 特别是,它的目的是让他们为可能出现的问题做好准备. 评估人员展示了9个模拟场景, 主要处理技术和沟通问题, 全球官网电子游戏-QA秘书处预计最可能发生的情况.

Both sessions were fruitful and provided the Secretariat and the assessors with meaningful information and food for thought leading up to the first online/remote site visits. The feedback and lessons learned from these sessions will be used to improve the orientation and mock assessment for other 全球官网电子游戏-QA Assessors who will also be conducting online/remote site visits.

These sessions are part of the first phase of implementing online/remote site visits and its successful completion means that 全球官网电子游戏-QA will soon be ready to once again provide its assessment services, 即使是以一种有限的方式.

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