7 July 2022


Chanya Chinsukserm
全球官网电子游戏 Programme Officer;

Previously on Series #2: Insightful Perspectives of the Talented Students, 全球电子游戏平台大全可持续管理硕士天才奖学金获得者对秘书处团队给予了宝贵的评价. 今天的文章将继续提供全球电子游戏平台大全青年学者们的独到见解. This time the article will focus on the students’ thoughts on the spectacular master's programme, 他们对世界现状的看法, 以及他们未来职业生涯的前景.

Why did you choose to study in the ASEAN Master of Sustainable Management in particular?

Lucy [1]指出:“这个项目最吸引我的肯定是全球电子游戏平台大全的称号,因为它区别于其他的奖学金项目.“她还想参加一个同伴学习项目,因为东南亚地区的年轻人和年轻人中有很多潜力和人才. “我非常期待在这个项目中与这些人联系,了解对地区挑战的不同观点,以及全球电子游戏平台大全如何应对这些挑战,” said Lucy.

Amin [2]认为这个项目是第一个为东南亚的可持续发展提供坚实基础的专业. “全球电子游戏平台大全有潜力发展这门学科, go into innovation and learn more about the sustainable development process in our own region,” he declared proudly. 他说:“在全球电子游戏平台大全有这样一个非常好的项目, 全球电子游戏平台大全可以在未来为全球电子游戏平台大全的社会作出贡献,成为造福全球电子游戏平台大全地区的未来领袖,” said Amin, viewing this programme as a road towards the success of sustainability management in ASEAN.

Anjulie or Anjulie Razak[3] explained that the programme surpassed her expectations. Not only did she understand more about decision-making and proceeding of businesses, 但她也从真实的商业案例中学习到了实际的可持续发展方面/思维,看到了可持续发展的决策. “通过这门课程,学习如何在可持续发展和经营盈利企业之间取得平衡是非常重要的. 我学到了很多策略,将来当我追求我的职业生涯时,我希望我对此非常有信心,” asserted Anjulie.


From left to right, 这张照片展示的是Diwangkara Bagus Nugraha, So Pyay, Arumdari Nurgianti, Su Yamon Htun, Thu Zar Lin, and Zin Min Tun respectively.

In your opinion, how should we deal with the ongoing issues in the current state of the world? 这个项目如何帮助缓解这些问题?

Chanbora 或Chanbora Sek[4]说:“可持续发展面临的最大挑战是缺乏不同国家和政府利益相关者的集体行动.他进一步阐述说,上述挑战是由于不同国家在经济增长方面有不同的自身利益造成的. Therefore, in his opinion, individuals cannot conquer the current sustainability problems without collaborative actions. 昌博拉还提出了另一种方法, “我认为,在可持续发展和社会责任的驱动下,商业部门和生态系统的其他利益相关者之间进行合作,以产生共同的目标,是克服这一挑战的关键。.”

Arum Arumdari Nurgianti[5]提到两点. As she observed from her country, the first problem is fossil fuel production and consumption. “这就是为什么全球电子游戏平台大全在这个项目中学习了可再生能源以及对抗和减少温室气体排放的方法. In the future, 当全球电子游戏平台大全回到全球电子游戏平台大全的职业生涯, we can contribute and take actions related to fossil fuels,” she said confidently. In the second point, Arum noted public awareness as the main problem. She expressed her concerns that “some of us really don't know that climate change is happening now. They think that the sea level rise will rise in 50 years ahead, but it's actually currently happening and a lot of disasters are happening right now.她总结说,公众对气候变化的意识和与可持续发展相关的消费者行为是全球电子游戏平台大全迫切需要解决的重要问题.

Khamphet or Khamphet Keosiripanyah[6] shared his opinion that our current global issue is social inequality. “Social inequality happens from food insecurity and misuse of natural resources. In the future, 全球电子游戏平台大全必须决定一个更好的解决方案,通过可持续发展实践来改善全球电子游戏平台大全对自然资源的管理.他举例说明了这个问题的解决方案, which are to increase the yield of productivity by using a small amount of the resources for food production; and to enhance both global and regional social connections to improve mutual interaction upon social problems that could result in a common solution and co-management.

What are your future prospects for studying in this program? How will you further your efforts in sustainability in your post-graduate?

Thu Zar or Thu Zar Lin[7] explained that Myanmar currently needs to be developed in rural areas. According to her, 主要问题是资源的滥用, especially in the energy sector and she desired to improve this sector. 她进一步澄清说,她希望通过在她的国家使用可再生能源来实现农村地区的电力. “我从这个项目毕业后, I will try to include the lack of electricity in areas of both urban and rural, 同时也为可再生能源行业做出贡献,” said Thu Zar.
阿明也和全球电子游戏平台大全分享了他清晰的愿景, “I would go back to my hometown and continue to improve sustainable tourism in the future.他说,从雅拉省沿海地区到北大年省,都出现了不同的问题和挑战, such as cost reduction problems and non-systematic management. Accordingly, 发展可持续旅游业需要一个具有商业眼光和纪律的人, 为这些问题画上句号, 让社会更可持续发展. “The improvement should also include how we can use our own natural resources to be more productive, 如何处理农作物赚更多的钱, and how to increase income for local people by using the resources appropriately,” he emphasised.

Arum determinedly expressed that “I would like to become a marketing communication professional.“她从这个特殊的硕士课程中获得了一些见解,即企业具有创造可持续发展的巨大潜力和机会, 她将坚定地在市场传播部门继续她的职业生涯,并在一家私营公司为提高知名度或创建有说服力的策略做出贡献.


From left to right, 这张照片展示的是Chanbora Sek, Lucy Zi Ni Wong, Khamphet Keosiripanyah, Muhammad Amin Musa, 和安朱莉·拉扎克.


Yamon or Su Yamon Htun[8] pointed out her interest in Urban Planning and Management. According to Yamon, 人们正面临着许多挑战, 尤其是在处理缅甸的废物管理方面. Since this course contains guidance on the solutions to her country’s problem, 这导致了她对这个问题的高度关注. Moreover, 她第三学期的论文也是关于垃圾管理的,所以她对这门课很感兴趣.

So or So Pyay[9] mentioned that “if I have to choose just one favourite course, it would be Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard Business School.他指出,这门课程帮助他理解了为什么在当今竞争激烈的世界中,拥有目标对于企业的发展至关重要, 以及组织如何将社会和环境责任纳入其战略,为未来的挑战做好充分准备.

Zin or Zin Min Tun[10] also shared his favourite subject with us. 他认为商业伦理是最重要的课题,它可以解决大多数企业对全球电子游戏平台大全社会造成的环境和社会影响. “We study Business Ethics to include the environmental future in order to have a sustainable business,” Zin emphasised.

From Arum’s viewpoint, she chose Marketing Management to be her favourite course. According to her, there are sustainable approaches in the marketing aspect of this course. 她在沟通和为公众创造与能源和气候变化相关的营销技术策略方面学得很多. 她希望提高人们的意识,并教育其他人了解目前气候变化的严峻状况.
Lastly, Amin selected Marine Resources and Coastal Management to be his favourite. “因为我来自泰国南部, I faced lots of problems and challenges regarding the cost of the natural problems. 全球电子游戏平台大全需要年轻一代帮助保护自然资源,并仔细研究问题以寻求解决方案.” He also would like to pursue his thesis in the sustainable tourism management process, 尤其是在海岛目的地. 因此,他主要集中在这个课题上.

What would you like to say to students out there who are interested in the sustainability field? 为什么这个项目对他们来说是完美的呢?

When Bagus or Diwangkara Bagus Nugraha[11] was enrolling in this programme, 他希望与来自亚洲不同国家的人们见面,以扩大他们的网络,更好地了解全球电子游戏平台大全的背景. During the programme, 他有机会认真地讨论, exchange knowledge, and share experiences and conditions in each country with his classmates. “It met my expectations and it’s a remarkable experience for me,” he commended. Furthermore, Bagus passed along his message to others who may be interested in this programme. “这个课程为你提供了一个学习可持续发展管理和气候变化的好机会. 它集成了真实的案例场景,您可以亲身体验,并适用于您的条件和周围环境. Also, Yogyakarta is a great place to study as it’s a very colourful forest city, 哪一个真正支持你的研究. You can also go to the mountains or beaches if you are a bit bored of the study,巴古斯愉快地分享了他的感受.

全球电子游戏平台大全可持续发展管理硕士的下一个系列将是该项目讲师的建设性见解. 请继续关注更多关于全球电子游戏平台大全可持续发展管理大师会议成功的看法.


[1] Lucy (Lucy Wong Zi Ni), Malaysia         
– chose Track B, graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
[2] Amin (Muhammad Amin Musa), Thailand    
[3] Anjulie (Anjulie Razak), Malaysia             
[4] Chanbora (Chanbora Sek), Cambodia
– chose Track A, graduated from Royal University of Phnom Penh
[5] Arum (Arumdari Nurgianti), Indonesia
-选择了Track A,毕业于普拉马迪纳大学
[6] Khamphet (Khamphet Keosiripanyah), Laos
– chose Track B, graduated from Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University
[7] Thu Zar (Thu Zar Lin) Myanmar
-选择了Track A,毕业于仰光大学
[8] Yamon (Su Yamon Htun), Myanmar         
-选择了Track A,毕业于仰光大学
[9] So (So Pyay), Myanmar                
– chose Track A, graduated from Technological University Mandalay
[10] Zin (Zin Min Tun), Myanmar
– chose Track A, graduated from Mandalay University of Distance Education
[11] Bagus (Diwangkara Bagus Nugraha), Indonesia     
– chose Track A, graduated with Master’s degree from University of Manchester