This presentation gives a unique view of our lives by looking at every meeting, conversation or presentation and framing them as battle. Not that we are going to beat someone up, but understanding that we as human beings react a certain way and everyday we face challenges that are similar to military battle. These challenges create the same reaction in our bodies as walking into a fire fight on the battlefield – how do you react but most of all do you choose to lead or just manage. Preparation is the key to success. Can be used for the following meeting topics:

  • Leadership
  • Change Management
  • HR Topics
  • Motivation
  • Sales

Lessons learned by the audience:

  • Know who you are before finding out who others are
  • Understand what conflict does to your body
  • Prepare for battle and win
  • Nothing happens by accident, seeing it makes you a leader
  • Create healthy relationships by becoming a leader in all areas of life